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Smart Document Portal for Banking

On-Demand printing that’s easy, affordable and impressive


Printing when, where and how you need it

Lexmark’s Smart Document Portal solution allows banks to deploy extended printing capabilities, directly into branch locations. With increased flexibility, features and visibility, you’ll be able to simplify printing processes and improve quality and service, all while maintaining consistency and control.


Branch-ready printing made easy

Printing that pops, at a moment’s notice

In today’s highly-competitive world of banking, your marketing materials and documents need to stand out and demand attention. Smart document Portal  brings increased flexibility and high-impact color straight to the local branch to give you a competitive edge. A wide variety of media can be printed in brilliant color at a moment’s notice. And since printing is done on demand, employees can easily update information on the fly, and include personalization and branch contact information. You’ll be able to drive brand awareness further and communicate more effectively with printing that’s designed to impress and delight your customers.  

A more seamless branch experience

The delays, errors, searching and redundancies that are common with paper-based processes are frustrating for both employees and customers. By placing our easy-to-use MFPs strategically and conveniently in the branch, Smart Document Portal  gives employees instant access to up-to-the-minute banking materials that they need for a wide range of activities. From proposals and presentation to flyers and financial plans, everything is stored digitally and made available with just the touch of a button. That means no more paperwork hide-and-seek, and faster, higher-quality service that keeps customers satisfied and coming back.

Operations that save time and money

Paper forms and documents require valuable space, time and money to maintain, and drain your resources across the branch and headquarters. Smart Document Portal  allows you to store and keep track of less paper for operations that save time and money. By storing forms and documents digitally and directly on your Lexmark MFPs, your employees will know exactly where and how to access them for faster, more complete visibility. And, since you’re no longer shuffling paper from place to place, you’ll be able to significantly reduce storage costs, and make changes and updates without additional expenses or waste.

Consistency that drives compliance

Tracking paper trails to ensure manual processes meet constantly-changing banking standards and regulations can be a real headache. With Smart Document Portal , you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate the MFPs located throughout your branches with your existing systems to centrally manage and standardize forms for ensured consistency and compliance across your bank . By storing forms and documents digitally, it’s easy to see how and by whom they’re being accessed and used. That means performing audits quickly and easily, and adapting to changes in regulations without requiring additional resources.

Smart Document Capture for Banking

Streamlined document processing built for banks

Lexmark Secure Document Monitor

Leverage your Lexmark MFPs to gain the visibility you need to detect and prevent insider threats

MPS for Banking

Increase visibility, cost savings and control for more secure and efficient print operations