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From the classroom to the office to student support services, documents and data are constantly moving around your school. Your ability to access and manage this information impacts how effectively you communicate with students and families. 

With over 20 years’ experience helping schools bridge the gap between print and digital information, Lexmark education solutions accelerate workflow processing and lower operational expenses across the district.

  • Significantly reduce paper usage and energy costs in schools and across districts
  • Quickly gain greater insight into student performance
  • Save money on paper, toner and maintenance costs
  • Eliminate unnecessary activities and give teachers more time to get back to more value-added tasks

Solutions for Education 

Managed Print Services

Take a holistic approach to managing critical information more efficiently, and place devices only where they’re needed to maximize productivity.

Copy Center

Save money on your district’s copy costs and cut down on operational expenses, so you can devote more time to students.

Testing & Grading

Print test materials on demand, speed test assessment and eliminate the need for costly preprinted bubble sheets.

Testing Assistant

A cloud-enabled solution to quickly and easily assess student skills.

Smart Document Capture for Education

Automate manual and paper intensive processes that are slowing you down and keeping teachers away from the classroom.

Print Management

Reduce unnecessary printing, protect confidential insurance information and provide greater mobility

Lexmark solutions for education integrate with your core systems to improve productivity and student service.

Let's Talk

If you’re ready to know what Lexmark education solutions can do for you, contact us now.