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Application Automation

Simplify citizen engagement and application interaction

The application process is often the first and most information-intensive interaction government agencies have with constituents. Whether an application is for a public assistance program, business license, or a workforce development program, the initial citizen engagement requires an agency to capture content regardless of how it’s submitted and process that content with as little human intervention as possible.

Government agencies today face the challenge of interacting with different generations that have different expectations of what their government interaction should look like. Some constituents are more comfortable with paper and in-person meetings, while others want to be able to apply for programs anytime, anywhere from their computer or smartphone. Government needs a way to capture information from and communicate  with constituents in their preferred channel, while also breaking down processing hurdles to focus on those most in need.

The Lexmark Application Automation solution improves constituent engagement while streamlining internal application processing capabilities. It allows constituents to submit applications using mobile, web or traditional paper-based channels and offers integration with an agency’s current systems to speed processing, streamline correspondence and improve operational efficiency.

The Application Automation solution offers government greater visibility into the application process, applications and programs. In some cases, an entire application process can be handled electronically, for hands-free straight-through processing. 

With Lexmark, you’ll reduce your application processing time to days, so staff can focus on serving constituents rather than processing paperwork. 

With Application Automation, your agency will:

  • Enhance the constituent experience by empowering them to apply, submit and access documents electronically
  • Capture, process and review applications with ease whether in the field or the office
  • Achieve new levels of productivity with straight through processing of complete and compliant applications
  • Leverage your current technology investments

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