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Military Personnel File Management

Efficiently and securely manage the entire servicemember record

What makes military human resource challenges so complex? The volume of U.S. servicemembers, the scope of information managed, frequent changes in jobs and locations and the sensitive nature of managing certain programs such as sexual assault prevention or substance abuse program management. Because of this, military personnel organizations and program managers seek ways to better manage, process and protect servicemember information while extending the value of their existing systems.

Lexmark process and workflow solutions increase visibility and control of servicemember information throughout their service lifecycle while unburdening program managers and administrators. With the Lexmark Military Personnel File Management solution, you’ll ditch your file cabinets, put critical paper and digital content to work faster and enhance the security of sensitive confidential information.

Our solutions compliment your existing systems and eliminate silos of information to offer the complete view of records you need to make informed decisions. To conform to policy and regulations, Lexmark offers program administrators flexible, rules-based workflows that ensure the correct process steps are taken while also allowing quick modifications for new requirements. Access control, redaction and retention management functionality make getting the right information to the right person at the right time easy. The result is faster, more efficient management of the entire servicemember’s personnel record, including solutions for in- and out-processing, sexual assault prevention and response management, and substance abuse program management.



Bring personnel file chaos to order for increased visibility and control.

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