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Claims Automation

Fraudulent claims cost U.S. insurers $40 billion per year

How can you keep the escalating volume and complexity of claims from overwhelming your insurance organization? The answer is simple: Eliminate the slow, error-prone manual processes that are impeding your organization’s productivity.

Lexmark Claims Automation gives you the means to accelerate and automate standard claims processing. It helps you build in business rules that identify and escalate complex cases to the appropriate adjusters. The resulting increases in operational efficiency help drive down costs and increase customer satisfaction.

This solution provides document management capabilities that connect claims examiners and processors with critical information. It handles both structured and unstructured documents such as first notice of loss (FNOL) documents, claims documentation, reports and other materials needed to help provide timely service to claimants with ease.

Benefits of Claims Automation

  • Automates data extraction and validation
  • Decreases claims processing time
  • Integrates easily with core applications and legacy systems
  • Provides better control and standardisation for exception handling
  • Improves productivity and visibility

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Unum’s investment in Lexmark products, solutions and services is on track to achieve a 376% ROI in the first three years.

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