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    Speed up processes and simplify communications

    Lexmark health insurance solutions provide carriers with the tools to expedite claims processing, simplify communications and reduce costs.

    Our capture solutions extract data from claims forms with an accuracy rate of 90% or more, eliminating most manual data entry and boosting straight-through processing.

    Our content management solutions integrate with legacy systems to provide health insurance document management for unstructured content in any form – paper, email, web forms, faxes, print streams, and industry standard formats. This seamless integration across legacy systems gives single-click access to knowledge workers.

    With our unique process mining solution, you’ll gain insights into what’s really happening in key areas. Based on system activity, the solution creates an accurate graphical representation of transactions, tasks, exceptions and other user-driven and automated events.

    Enterprise search technology makes locating key information simple, straightforward and fast – no matter where it’s stored -- content repositories, SharePoint sites, email systems, network shares, intranets or extranets. Users can rapidly access the information without entering perfect queries to get the right results.

    Lexmark Insurance Overview
    A summary of how Lexmark solutions for insurance connect your key processes, unstructured content and legacy systems.
    Discover how technology solutions can help you mitigate the operational risks associated with regulatory compliance, fraud and claims and underwriting processing errors.

    Let's Talk

    If you’re ready to know what Lexmark insurance solutions can do for you, contact us now.

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