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Intelligent Mail Processing

Streamline your mailroom for speedier response times

Manually processing incoming mail often causes inefficiency, errors and delays. Gain control of your mailroom with Intelligent Mail Processing.

With Intelligent Mail Processing, incoming documents are automatically prepared, classified and routed without delays or errors. That means new policies and claims can be processed faster and insurers can accelerate response times to customers.

Adhering to compliance guidelines is made easy with end-to-end process control, and insurers can track the entire information lifecycle from the point of entry, ensuring that business rules are followed.

Intelligent Mail Processing improves overall operational efficiency and accelerates cash flow. Here’s how:

  • Reduce touches and decision points for each document with automated classification 
  • Route documents directly into core claims and underwriting systems from point of scan
  • Automatically initiate key processes, and enable straight-through processing wherever possible

Benefits of Intelligent Mail Processing

  • Improves operational efficiency with faster document delivery and processing
  • Reduces manual errors and process delays
  • Enhances customer service with shorter response times

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Find out how automating your mail process can speed response times to customers and prevent errors.

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