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Policyholder Communications Manager

Customer correspondence just got easier

Responding to customers quickly and accurately is crucial for insurers. Unfortunately, manual processes that require gathering data from multiple systems often slow down important communication efforts. Policyholder Communications Manager (PCM) can help.

With PCM, documents are automatically created, populated with needed information and personalized. Communications to customers are individualized, yet consistent, and always on time.

By using compliant language, PCM can help ensure regulatory standards are met in all customer-facing documents. As a result, insurers avoid costly litigation, penalties and fines.

PCM allows insurers to improve the quality and speed of correspondence to customers. Here’s how:

  • Easily create document templates that interact with your existing systems without the need for technical support
  • Automatically determine the type of communication and the specific information needed, without the hassle of gathering data
  • Leverage several options for correspondence delivery, including email, mobile app, web portal and a multi-function product (MFP)
  • Manage all steps of a document’s lifecycle from start to finish, eliminating the need for multiple document management tools

Benefits of Policyholder Communications Manager

  • Extend the value of existing technology with seamless integration
  • Utilize automation to improve efficency
  • Easily adhere to industry standards and avoid compliance penalties
  • Accurately respond to customers without manually gathering information

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Learn how PCM can provide personalized, compliant communications faster than ever.

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