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Accessibility at Lexmark

Solutions that optimize customer productivity for varying levels of abilities


Empower your employees

At Lexmark we understand the specific needs of people with varying levels of abilities. We have established external relationships with design experts and accessibility analysts, to draw on their insights to improve our future products and solutions. The result is innovative approaches that make it easier to use our systems to accommodate a wide range of unique user needs while also addressing a variety of accessibility guidelines and regulations.

Accessibility Features

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Accessibility Solutions

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A better user experience for all customers

Clear & Audible Voice Guidance

Individuals with varying levels of abilities can interact with many Lexmark smart MFPs and printers in a convenient and effective way using the Lexmark Voice Guidance. With this feature, users can hear clear voice guidance prompts through the smart MFP or printer’s built-in speakers or a user-provided headset.

When activated, Voice Guidance gives select Lexmark smart MFPs and e-Task printers additional functionality specified in the US Section 508 Refresh and European standard EN 301549. Lexmark is committed to innovative accommodations that make it easier to use our systems that address accessibility guidelines to get the job done.

Solutions to Enhance the User Experience

For users who prefer to interact with the MFP from the convenience of their desktop or for touchscreen devices that lack Voice Guidance support, the optional Lexmark Accessibility Solution is our web-based software that allows users to initiate copy, fax, email and scan jobs directly from their computer, tablet or mobile device as an alternative to the MFP touch screen.

Lexmark Accessibility Solution is designed to work with a wide range of assistive technology, including screen magnifiers and screen readers, allowing customers with varying levels of abilities to work independently. At the MFP, the user only needs to interact with the tactilely discernible numerical keypad to complete the task at hand.

Easily Communicate Status to the User

For models that don’t support Voice Guidance, the optional Lexmark Accessibility Speech Solution complements the Lexmark Accessibility Solution by providing audio feedback messages played over the printer’s speaker to easily communicate status to the user. Read the Accessibility Solution and Accessibility Speech brochure to learn more.

With Lexmark Accessibility Solutions and Accessibility Speech Solution users achieve increased productivity when using the MFP and resolve many output issues on their own. Administrators can choose from three sets of audio messages to tailor the MFP to the customer environment. Administrators can also record and load alternative voice files in any language or dialect.


Voice Guidance in Action

[MP4 05:27]

Voice guidance that make it easier to use our printer devices to get the job done

Full Spectrum Security

Security is built into every Lexmark product and covers a full spectrum of security capabilities.

Lexmark Secure Document Monitor

Lexmark Secure Document Monitor discreetly monitors printed, copied, scanned or faxed hardcopy data.

Managed Print Services

Transform your print infrastructure into a platform for delivering precise information