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Lexmark Full Spectrum print security

Unsecured print equals unsecured IT. Lexmark's comprehensive approach to print security addresses the full spectrum of threats in today's complex business information environments.

If your print infrastructure has slipped to the bottom of your enterprise security to-do list – you could be in trouble. You may have more pressing security issues and the balancing act between security and productivity in the hardcopy space can be a challenge. But delay could mean disaster. Each day with an outdated multi-vendor menagerie of output devices increases your odds of an incident.

Quocirca research reveals that enterprises place a low priority on print security despite over 60% admitting that they have experienced a print-related data breach.

Lexmark can help. Securely building a bridge between digital and hardcopy information is at the core of what we do. We own core technology across services, solutions, hardware and firmware–creating seamless connections and reducing the risk of security gaps between the document, the device, the network and all points in between.


Success Story

U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) needed to find ways to become more efficient, reduce costs, improve document security and compliance and enhance the user experience.

Learn from their experience.

Building blocks of secure access

Does your organization require a log in to access a network print device? Surprisingly, many don't. Secure access features in Lexmark products ensure that only authenticated and authorized users can work with sensitive, valuable and protected information. It’s easy to configure confirmation of user identity through active directory integration, network or badge login, or even two-factor authentication. Taking advantage of such built-in technologies simplifies both deployment and enforcement of predefined user access controls.

Make your print fleet a no-hacking zone.

Properly configured, features supporting network security can protect Lexmark devices from unauthorized access. From disabling unnecessary features to locking down device interfaces and securing the data they contain, Lexmark devices include a range of embedded features to help you harden a device against attacks. It’s a powerful way to secure network interfaces from malicious users.

Secure remote management provides a wide range of tools and device capabilities to effectively manage a fleet of networked laser printers and multifunction products. You can restrict device management to authorized personnel and secure your device settings through a combination of rigorously enforced device access, audit logging, digitally signed firmware upgrades, certificate management, HTTPS, SNMPv3 and secure password reset.

Carefully engineered hard disk security equips Lexmark printers and multifunction products that contain internal hard disks to keep your organization's secrets. This shield of protection both enhances the security of data stored on the hard disk and helps prevent malicious users from gaining access to confidential information.

Success Story


Success Story

Though it comes as no surprise to Lexmark’s thousands of employees, Lexmark’s excellence has exceeded Cummins’ expectations. “I think it goes back to ‘transparency builds trust’,” said Bruce Smith, Executive Director, Business Services at Cummins International. “Lexmark was very transparent with us and had a real focus on our business needs, even as those were changing.”  

For the world’s largest manufacturer of diesel engines, its global operations can never be allowed to stall. Through its close partnership with Lexmark, Cummins’ output infrastructure runs lean and on all cylinders.

Learn from their experience.

Don't cut corners on document security

While many organizations have taken steps to secure print devices and network traffic, quite often the documents themselves go unchecked.  The information that is output on the print device could be your biggest area of vulnerability, largely because this vulnerability comes from within your organization–not from outsiders.

Our installable security solutions take advantage of the Lexmark smart MFP platform to enhance the security of the device and your environment. Solutions like Lexmark Print Management and Confidential Print protect each device, while Lexmark Secure Document Monitor centrally tracks and audits every document that’s printed, copied, scanned or faxed on your network.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Lexmark devices are GDPR-ready, providing multiple, built-in security features allowing customers to meet several aspects of GDPR requirements. The security features are available across the entire product line and include access controls, audit logs and embedded OS protections. Features that competitors are just now integrating into their devices have been standard for many years for Lexmark.



IDC MarketScape names Lexmark a leader in Security Solutions and Services Hardcopy

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...vertical approach, combined with Lexmark's expansive security solutions portfolio and professional services expertise, puts Lexmark in a strong position for delivering best-in-class security for its customers.

Robert Palmer Research Director, Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions

BLI names Lexmark a leader in document imaging security

See what BLI has to say

Lexmark’s device security is second to none...It easily landed in the top tier among the 13 OEMs included in our study, which should give Lexmark purchasers peace of mind about the security of their output fleet.

Jamie Bsales Director of Software Analysis Keypoint Intelligence - BLI
Lexmark makes security an integral part of all our products to help create not just a safer but a more productive environment for your business.

How-to guide:

Closing hidden security gaps in printing environments.

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Recorded Webinar

Our newest on-demand Print Security Webinar brings together Lexmark’s most knowledgeable security experts, giving you an overview of steps to take to ensure your print fleet is secure and highlighting how to also protect your information from insider threats.  

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Device Certifications

Certification provides assuranances that the process of specification, implementation and evaluation of a computer security product has been conducted in a rigorous and standard manner. 

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Full-spectrum Security
Full-spectrum Security
Learn how Lexmark's solutions-capable printers and MFPs can protect your corporate documents and data throughout your workflow.

Security Reference Guide
Security Reference Guide
Find additional details on how we’ve designed our solutions-capable printers and MFPs to answer your security needs.

Security Features of Lexmark Multifunction Products and Single-function Printers
Security Features of Lexmark Multifunction Products and Single-function Printers
This document describes the security features and functionality that allow Lexmark devices to be deployed, managed and used in a secure manner on your network.

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