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Johnson County, Kansas


The time savings created by using Lexmark solutions allow employees to focus on more meaningful tasks other than filing and copying papers, so employees are more productive and satisfied with their jobs. In addition to the District Court Trustee’s Office, the county has expanded the solution to numerous departments including Motor Vehicles, Emergency Management, Public Health and Treasury and Financial Management and more.

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Johnson County, Kansas


Johnson County is a local government located in northeast Kansas that was organized on September 7, 1857. It serves a diverse and expanding population through five agencies and 34 county departments. More than 3,800 public servants are dedicated to helping Johnson County remain a safe, vibrant community.




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Confronting paper inefficiency

The Office of the Johnson County District Court Trustee seeks to provide efficient and effective methods for the enforcement and collection of court-ordered child support. Serving the parties, attorneys, courts and the state of Kansas involves tracking thousands of child support files, but a less than ideal paper filing system often delayed service. In some cases, files ended up with several duplicate records, were left on someone’s desk and unavailable to others, or were misfiled and misplaced altogether. In addition, file cabinets were stuffed to the brim and taking up valuable space in the office. When a staff member pointed out that office workers were sending up to 30 emails a day trying to locate files, everyone agreed the time had come to say goodbye to paper processes forever.


After evaluating several document management vendors, the project team selected a process and content management solution from Lexmark. The solution’s ease of use and seamless integration capabilities made the Lexmark offering stand apart from other ECM products, and county officials liked the idea of doing business with a thriving local company.

“After reviewing RFP responses and product demonstrations, we were extremely impressed with the functionality provided by Lexmark’s solution, and the service provided by Lexmark as a company,” says Chris Hall, information technology services (ITS) project manager for Johnson County.

After reviewing RFP responses and product demonstrations, we were extremely impressed with the functionality provided by Lexmark’s solution, and the service provided by Lexmark as a company.
Chris Hall information technology services (ITS) project manager, Johnson County

Rapid implementation leads to fast user adoption

Lexmark and the Johnson County ITS team worked together to plan and design the implementation. Careful planning and Lexmark’s patented integration technology facilitated a quick and easy implementation. The project methodology gave the Johnson County ITS team the knowledge and tools to manage their own rollout, while end-user training enabled quick user adoption. This flexible and self-managed approach resulted in a positive impact on the department’s bottom line, as the need for outside IT resources was quickly eliminated.

The project team integrated the Lexmark solution with a custom-built, in-house court trustee application. The integration allows users to instantly retrieve the documents related to the case or record they are viewing with just a single click. Johnson County also provided workers with dual monitors, allowing them to read documents on one screen while viewing a case record on another.


Having instant access to information has transformed the trustee’s office. According to Ruth Pfeifer, Office Manager for the District Court Trustee’s Office, prior to using the Lexmark system, a full-time employee spent the majority of her time locating, filing and copying paper documents for daily court business. After deploying the Lexmark solution, the employee’s time has been freed up to work on other, more critical tasks in the office. In addition to time savings for the staff, many employees have experienced greater job satisfaction, because they no longer waste valuable time trying to locate files or search for misplaced documents.

“It’s hard for me to imagine not having Perceptive Content, especially in government, where we are always trying to save money,” says Pfeifer. “We would have used it years ago, had we known about it sooner — we wouldn’t go back.”

Improving service, reducing storage

Using Perceptive Content in conjunction with its court trustee application has greatly improved its customer service. With instant access to information, the office can do its job more effectively, enforcing and collecting child support quickly and without administrative delay. Because nearly all paper-based processes are now completed through the Lexmark solution, the District Court Trustee’s Office has also realized a significant reduction in the physical space needed to store paperwork, file folders and other paper documents. All incoming paper documents are scanned, email correspondence is directly added to Perceptive Content, and nearly all existing paper files have been scanned into the system, allowing the office to sell its large rolling file cabinet and reclaim space previously used for storage. Staff members have also reduced spending on paper and file folders, in keeping with the county’s commitment to sustainability by exploring more efficient, less wasteful ways to do business in government.

City-wide expansion

Employees at the District Court Trustee’s Office quickly mastered Perceptive Content, and the solution has become an integral part of their daily routine. Even employees who were initially skeptical of the new technology have come to appreciate the ease of the system and the time it saves them on a daily basis. “We used to spend hours trying to find a physical file,” says Pfeifer. “Now, our staff of 43 can access the same file at the same time. The major advantages include greater time savings and less aggravation. It’s absolutely the only way to go.”

The ITS staff finds Perceptive Content easy for end users to work with and easy to administrate. The flexibility of the solution allows them to set up new departments with minimal assistance, which keeps ownership of the solution in their hands. And when issues arise that require product support, Hall knows he can count on the experts at Lexmark for timely and responsive support.

The power of responsive customer support

“Lexmark Product Support team is one of the best I’ve worked with,” Hall says. Fueled by the success of Perceptive Content and facilitated by the flexibility of the technology, Johnson County has expanded the solution well beyond its initial deployment.

In addition to the District Court Trustee’s Office, Perceptive Content is being used in various departments across the enterprise including Motor Vehicles, Emergency Management, Public Health, Treasury & Financial Management, Office of the Appraiser — and even the county airport. Future expansion plans include using the solution to streamline record management for all employees in the county, in concert with the Oracle application currently in use.