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Province of South Holland


The Province of South Holland serves as an administrative layer between the national government of the Netherlands and local governments, managing matters of regional importance.

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Province of South Holland


Within four months of implementing Perceptive Process from Lexmark, the province of South Holland had a complete grant management system that—though based on a standard solution— looks tailor-made. The system has given both the preparers and managers complete control of the entire grant management process, which now includes automatic document generation and immediate case retrieval—both huge time savers. Plus, cases are automatically distributed to the right people, so information can no longer get lost.




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The Netherlands


Local government

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Perceptive Process


Searching for a flexible solution

The Province of South Holland decided to purchase Perceptive Process to ensure that grants are provided in a legally correct, accountable and efficient way. The solution achieves this by creating process-oriented uniformity from application to conclusion, standardization of working method and documents, automated deadline monitoring and prioritization, and direct access to all case files from any workstation.

Grisjo Koers, Information Manager of the province of South Holland explains how Perceptive Process met the province of South Holland’s requirements: “We were looking for a standard solution to specific problems. We preferred a standard application that we did not have to develop ourselves, that could quickly adapt to our own systems & structures, and that manages to be guiding yet flexible with the problem. We chose Perceptive Process for its unique combination of guidance and flexibility.”


Improving load distribution

With Perceptive Process, the province of South Holland has a flexible system with an automated distribution of work. “Files do not sit on the shelf thanks to automated deadline monitoring,” Joost Bijvoet says. “Employees can immediately see the status of the application and the action that still needs to be taken.”

We chose Perceptive Process for its unique combination of guidance and flexibility.
Grisjo Koers Information Manager

Swift implementation delivers immediate results

The implementation of the grant management system began with the integration of Perceptive Process with the existing user systems of the province of South Holland. Five working groups focused on checking, entering and managing personal data within the new grant management system.

“Problems, setbacks and other unforeseen circumstances did not occur in this initial phase,” says Joost Bijvoet, Lexmark Account Manager. The project group, consisting of employees from the province of South Holland and Lexmark, collaborated iteratively and interactively. Uncertainties were immediately noticed, addressed and solved before they could develop into problems. “This is the most important reason why the implementation was a success,” Bijvoet says.


Supporting non-linear workflow

“We went live with Perceptive Process in mid-January, when our employees dealt with the grant applications for the first time,” Koers says. “We are now four months down the road and I can only say that the roll-out has been successful across the board. The desire of the province to have better control of its workload, status and time requirements has been achieved. We also wanted a system with non-linear handling. Lexmark amply succeeded with this solution. The preparer can insert and introduce changes at various moments, layers and points in the process."

Other reasons for satisfaction include automated deadline monitoring based on legislation and regulations, and the uniformity of outgoing documents. Depending on the preparer, previous orders were sent out in different formats and content. The documents are now generated by the grant management solution, which standardises not only in the process handling of the work but also outgoing documentation. This projects a much more professional image to the outside world.

Eliminating document loss, securing data

With Perceptive Process, the province of South Holland has a system that gives both the preparer and the manager complete control of the entire grant management process. Interested parties with questions are immediately referred to the employee handling the case. Automatic document generation, distribution of work and immediate case retrieval save a tremendous amount of time. Cases are automatically distributed to the right people, so information can no longer get lost. Another result of switching to digital case files is that (secure) archives are no longer needed. At government institutions such as the province of South Holland, where information has been common property for years, hundreds of meters of cubic space are now saved, which significantly reduces costs and environmental impact.