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Rockingham County North Carolina


Called North Carolina’s “North Star,” Rockingham County is home to 93,000 citizens. The county government’s mission is to “ensure the provision of essential services equitably, efficiently and effectively, in order to improve the quality of life for citizens.”

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Rockingham County North Carolina


Integrating seamlessly with Rockingham County’s AS400 applications, Perceptive Content from Lexmark makes tax, finance, public health and other documents instantly available at county workers’ desktops. The instant access speeds service to citizens and streamlines internal processes. Storing content electronically tightens security and safeguards the county against fire, flood or other disasters.




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Perceptive Content


Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the beautiful surroundings of Rockingham County naturally provide a high quality of life for residents, but government managers realized the problem of encroaching paper file storage created a challenge to effectively serving residents.


I’ve been very impressed with Lexmark. We heard a lot of positive things about the company, and they were all true. They go out of their way to help.
Tina McCorkle IT Programmer

Going live ahead of schedule

Not only did it take too long to find the right documents in the overflowing file cabinets, there was no room to add new files. The county looked for an affordable document technology solution that would also leverage the county’s existing technology. Perceptive Content from Lexmark met all the requirements and was quickly implemented at Rockingham County in less than two weeks.

“We were very impressed at how quickly and smoothly the Perceptive Content implementation was completed,” says Tina McCorkle, Rockingham County IT programmer. “We finished the project ahead of schedule.”

When citizens inquired about property listings before Perceptive Content was implemented, both tax office employees and residents had to employ patience as county workers searched through rows of binders and then flipped through the binder to find information.

Using Perceptive Content, all relevant content is available at the click of a mouse, providing instant access from county workers’ computers. Patented LearnMode™ technology allows county workers to scan in documents and link them to the relevant existing records in their AS400 applications without requiring them to rekey index values. This seamless link gives employees instant document retrieval from their familiar software applications.


Speeding information access and sharing

Manually finding the right documents was similarly time-consuming and inefficient across other areas of the county, including environmental health, social services and others, so these areas took notice when the tax office listing department began experiencing fast results.

“The county employees absolutely love Perceptive Content,” McCorkle says. “We brought others over to see how it worked in the tax office, and it spread like wildfire. We’ve expanded our use to several areas now and they all love it.”

Each area of the county can easily configure Perceptive Content Workflow to electronically route documents to the appropriate county employee based on specific criteria. When managers need to take action on documents in their workflow queues, they receive an e-mail alarm. Perceptive Content streamlines processes county-wide by eliminating the need to transport and wait on documents.

We used to have to dig through file cabinets, but with Perceptive Content we can get the information we need immediately, so we can address a customer’s inquiry in a timely fashion.
Tina McCorkle IT Programmer

Improving citizen service

McCorkle says the biggest benefit of Perceptive Content is that the right documents are instantly at employees’ fingertips, eliminating the search process. Instant access to the right document from anywhere allows county workers to do their jobs more effectively and improves service to citizens. “We used to have to dig through file cabinets, but with Perceptive Content we can get the information we need immediately, so we can address a customer’s inquiry in a timely fashion,” McCorkle says.

Providing peace of mind

Sharing paper documents often led to misplaced files or missing documents, but storing documents in a central electronic repository ensures documents are accessible at any time by many users and eliminates the risk of loss. Securely stored in Perceptive Content, documents are only available to authorized users, and are protected from the risk of fire, flood or other disasters.

Ease of use and administration

Adding to the value of the Perceptive Content solution is its ease of use and administration. The intuitive interface and available documentation make it easy on the administrator, and McCorkle says working with Lexmark has been a good experience.

“I’ve been very impressed with Lexmark,” she says. “We heard a lot of positive things about the company, and they were all true. They go out of their way to help.”

Rockingham County is looking forward to expanding the solution into the finance department and beyond. As the solution continues to grow, it becomes more valuable for the county by saving time for employees, preventing the risk of lost records, and saving the county expensive off-site storage costs.