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UC Health


University of Cincinnati Medical Center is the nation’s premier teaching hospital, where highquality, discovery-driven care and state-of-theart technology come together to serve Greater Cincinnati and beyond. Location: Cincinnati, OH Founded: 1823 Beds: 498 Products in use: Perceptive Content

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UC Health


UC Health chose Perceptive Content to streamline its accounts payable and financial processes. As the efficiencies created by the solution became apparent, the deployment was expanded to other departments, including human resources. Perceptive Content helped HR staff members eliminate paper and improve processing of personnel documents, such as I-9s, performance reviews and background checks.


Accounting Finance, Healthcare, Human Resources


Document Management


Cincinnati, OH





Products in use

Perceptive Content


UC Health of Greater Cincinnati is the largest health system in southwest Ohio. In an organization of this size, efficient business processes are paramount. The organization needed to organize paper-based accounts payable processes with a dynamic document management, imaging and workflow solution that all staff members could use, regardless of their skill level. UC Health searched for a product that offers comprehensive functionality at a competitive price. They found Perceptive Content from Lexmark Healthcare.


Speeding end of month reconciliation

Before implementation, manual file retrieval took up to 15 minutes. Now Perceptive Content users have instant, single-click access to specific information, allowing UC Health employees to answer inquiries right away, improving customer service and vendor relations.

“Lexmark Healthcare products make our end-of-month reconciliations faster and more efficient,” says Mary Brungs, AP Supervisor at UC Health. “Before we deployed Perceptive Content, answering inquiries involved searching for an individual file and sending the information manually. With Perceptive Content we have data access at our fingertips.”

Safeguarding sensitive information

Scanning all documentation into the secure Perceptive Content repository eliminates storage costs and supports compliance initiatives, including HIPAA. The system administrator assigns user privileges, regulating data access and protecting patients’ privacy.

“The security features of Perceptive Content are robust, but not restrictive,” says Brungs. “All data is totally protected and Perceptive Content ensures users see only relevant information.”

Expediting financial processes

Perceptive Content helps UC Health simplify and speed daily processes. The organization uses Perceptive Content to streamline its complex workflow system with intuitive features. Electronic routing is used to send documents to the relevant associate, speeding the approval process. Perceptive Content provides access to documents from any location. Supervisors track the progress of all documents immediately, lifting files from a workflow queue for review. Managers can change workflow responsibilities with a single click to reallocate resources when necessary

Expanding into HR

As people across the hospital began noticing the efficiencies Perceptive Content created for accounts payable, it wasn’t long before other departments wanted on board. Human resources sought to reduce its paper use as part of its “Paper Lite” initiative, as well as improve access to needed personnel documents. After talking with the accounts payable department, HR managers realized Perceptive Content could meet all their needs.

“The accounts payable success story gave human resources the confidence, momentum and in-house expertise to implement Perceptive Content,” says Frank Doerger, UC Health human resources director. The goal of reducing paper use has been met on multiple levels. Employees no longer make copies of documents because now they simply send a Perceptive Content link to view the document or e-mail an attachment.

Any electronic document can be imported and indexed into the system, eliminating the need to print and scan documents such as employee evaluations, background checks or other documents pulled from the web. Personnel status changes are now completely paperless. When a manager completes the online form on the company’s intranet, HR is sent an e-mail that is imported into the system.


Cutting paper use in half

Since implementing Perceptive Content, Doerger reports the department is only using half the paper it did before. Also, the days of waiting on interoffice mail are over; documents can be e-mailed, viewed simultaneously or routed through Perceptive Content workflow, eliminating access delays. All employee documents such as I-9s, performance reviews and background checks are available with the click of a button from the Infor Lawson system. Many documents, such as employee health files, are barcoded with index values from Infor Lawson. As the documents are scanned, they are instantly indexed and linked to the appropriate Lawson record, providing huge time savings for employees, who were used to waiting several days for documents to be delivered, processed and returned.

UC Health was able to leverage its existing technology by integrating Perceptive Content easily with its Infor Lawson system. Lexmark’s patented LearnMode® technology provides quick and easy integration with Lawson without the need for complex programming. The seamless link provides direct access to relevant documents directly from users’ Infor Lawson environment.

“Our IT staff says it was the easiest installation they’ve ever had,” says Brungs. “No outside support was needed for Lawson integration, because Perceptive Content learned all our screens right away. We have built and modified it to meet our growing needs without any back-end programming.” When expanding Perceptive Content into the human resources department, Brungs transferred her knowledge to Christa Lawrence, who now administers the system for human resources, in just a few training sessions. “I was shocked at how easy it is to administer,” Lawrence says. “The fact that Perceptive Content is so easy to use out of the box without any back-end interaction is amazing.”

Lexmark Healthcare’s product support team is awesome. If we think of a new way to use the technology, they know how to make it a reality
Mary Brungs AP Supervisor, UC Health

Enterprise expansion plans

The organization has also expanded the solution to purchasing and materials, and plans to use Perceptive Content to capture line item invoice detail in accounts payable. “People from other departments have seen it at work in accounts payable and want access to it in their areas, too,” says Brungs. UC Health has taken advantage of the training opportunities at Lexmark Healthcare to expand and maintain the system with minimal assistance, but the team can rely on the technical expertise of the Lexmark Healthcare Support team.

“Lexmark Healthcare’s product support team is awesome. If we think of a new way to use the technology, they know how to make it a reality,” Brungs says. “Some vendors take days to answer questions, but Lexmark Healthcare responds right away, saving us time and money.” A user-friendly interface, innovative workflow functionality and single-click document access from on-site or remote users provide UC Health with new efficiencies that will be compounded with future expansion of Lexmark Healthcare products. The organization is committed to quality and compassionate service, and Perceptive Content helps them deliver it.