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University of Missouri System - Accounts Payable


When the University of Missouri System needed a better way to manage millions of documents across four campus locations, they turned to Lexmark to eliminate manual tasks, improve access to information and streamline business office operations.

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University of Missouri System - Accounts Payable


The University of Missouri has provided teaching, research and service to Missouri since 1839. The four campus system is the only public research and doctoral-level institution in the state, it is also one of Missouri’s largest companies, with total revenues of $3.2 billion.


Accounting Finance, Education


Document Management

Campus locations

Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla and St. Louis



Faculty and staff



When the University of Missouri System became overburdened with paperwork, administrators knew the time had come to implement a solution to enhance the value of its existing PeopleSoft investment. After researching various technology solutions, the administrators chose process and content management products from Lexmark because of the company’s successful track record in higher education and proven integration capabilities with PeopleSoft.


Universal integration

Patented LearnMode™ technology allowed Lexmark enterprise software solutions to integrate quickly and easily into each department’s existing applications on the Columbia, Kansas City and St. Louis campuses. Rapid integration enabled Lexmark to complete the university’s first on-site implementations in less than a week.

“Integration not only provides consistency of data, but also makes end users more productive because they have a one-stop shop for information,” says system administrator Cathryn Friel.


With Perceptive Content, payroll completes what was a five-day process in less than a day.
Cathryn Friel System Administrator

Measurable time and cost savings

The Accounts Payable and Payroll Departments in Columbia saw some of the most dramatic improvements in business processes after implementing Perceptive Content from Lexmark. Paper-intensive tasks that once took days are now completed in minutes. Invoices are immediately scanned into a processor’s workflow queue to complete data entry from the document image. Approvals and problem invoices are sent through Perceptive Workflow to department heads, removing the time and expense of transporting documents physically. Lexmark solutions further expedite invoice processing by automatically indexing and routing faxed invoices to the paper workflow queue, eliminating steps required to scan paper copies.

The University of Missouri System used to spend thousands of dollars a year to ship daily packages of paper documents from its bank in Kansas City to Columbia, where processors would sort through the documents and distribute them for manually processing. Now the bank sends a daily electronic feed of the previous day’s transactions along with a file that allows the University to automatically index the documents and import them into Perceptive Content as PDF files. The content arrives ready for viewing—renamed, indexed and linked to the appropriate transaction record in PeopleSoft without anyone touching it along the way.

“With Perceptive Content, not only is there a huge cost savings in transporting paper documents daily, but now payroll completes what was a five-day process in less than a day,” Friel says.